From a humble start 16 years ago, Alcro provides CNC machining and turning of rapid prototype parts and low to mid volume CNC rapid production parts. We use advanced equipment to offer you a variety of CNC machining services including milling and turning. Alternatively, we fabricate precised tooling metal components for all industries. We pride ourselves on first class quality, on time delivery, commitment to work, learning and sharing attitude.

Alcro also specialized in secondary machinery  trading based on our strong resources in Phlippine and Singapore.
We gather and creat new relationship in orde to satisfy every customer.
Each customer around the world is God of Alcro, we are looking forward to your copperations!

  • CNC machining
  • Surface treatment
  • Mass production

CNC service ranges:We specialized in fabricating Machining parts for steel, Aluminium,copper,Titanium as well as engineering plastics; Tooling service: Connectors, Semiconductors, Molding and Stamping tooling parts.


At Alcro, we believe that early collaboration is the driving force behind product success. By unifying efforts with our customers and alliance partners, a holistic approach to product development is achieved. Our monthly capacity of NC parts is 10000pcs, molding cavity insert 1500pcs, semiconductor DTFS punch and dies 2000pcs.

CNC milling

Alcro has excellent mechanical properties for 4 aix processing,our business ranges from injection mold cavities, automatic parts as well as jig fixture designing.

Wire EDM

Our Sodick slow wire cuting machine ensures good qualification for parts with high precision ,especially for small holes with high roughess.

CNC turning

Enginering plastics, stainless steel,special steels are available for us. with advantage of established technology,wide variety of materials,Consistency and precision,Good flexibility of single parts and small-lot products with complexity.

QC Management

Full inspection for first trial part and regular spot check for mass production to ensure good quality to our productions.

  • Manufacturing Capabilities

    Special fasteners and precision metal parts production.
  • Quality Control

    We have a team of professional skills and experience. Precision standard testing equipment to ensure high quality delivery of the product. Our goal is zero defects in products Special fasteners and precision metal parts production.
  • Excellent Team

    Our engineers, technical engineers, assembly engineers have extensive experience in the production of fasteners. They understand the application and quality requirements of each process.
  • Fast Delivery

    In order to enhance competitiveness, set up professional sample production line to Provide efficient service for customer development.


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